New Patient Experience

As a new patient at Black Bridge Family Dental, our friendly team makes you feel instantly at home. Right when you walk through the door, you’ll be greeted by name by a member of our front desk team.  If you have yet to complete your necessary paperwork, a team member will show you to a private area and assist you. These forms include basic questions about your medical history and insurance information. 

When the forms are complete, the same team member will give you a card with her name. This way, if ever you have questions or concerns in the future, you can call and talk to her directly.  As she processes the forms, one of our dental hygienists will arrive to take you back to the dental suite.

Once you’re comfortable in the dental suite, you’ll have an opportunity to discuss your dental health, concerns, and goals for your smile with your hygienist. Finally, your doctor will join the discussion and determine what else may be needed in terms of cleaning, x-rays, or other treatments.

If and when a treatment plan has been formulated for you, your dentist will discuss your treatment options in detail, including exactly what must be done, how it will be done, and how your dental team will complete the procedure in a way that is comfortable for you. Finally, our team will outline the fees for your proposed treatment and what your insurance will cover. The Black Bridge Family Dental business team will coordinate with your insurance company to ensure this information is accurate, prior to your discussion, so you don’t have to do a thing!


“I’ve been coming to this facility for years. They are fast and professional and they really care about you. I would recommend this place for children, young adults and elders!” – Alexis